Pallet Racking Long Span Shelving Mezzanine Racking
| Pallet Racking |
Pallet racks are the primary storage component of most warehouses. Appropriate for both light duty and heavy  duty  applications,  a well  designed  rack storage system is dynamic
and reduces the overall cost of handling product in your organization.  The correct  storage solution  will  increase  storage  density  without  compromising  selectivity  or  efficiency.
Our team of experts will evaluate your  requirements  and  provide  the  correct  storage  strategy  for  your organization.

Pallet Rack Layout :

Basic components of conventional pallet racking.

1. Frames
2. Beams
3. Beam safety pin
4. Row spacer
5. Wall tie
6. Floor anchor bolts
7. Leveling shims
8. Upright protector
9. Lateral protection barrier
10. Cross bracing set
11. Top portal tie
12. Pallet support bar
13. Stillage container support bar
14. Chipboard deck support
15. Chipboard or melamine shelf
16. Galvanized picking shelf panel
17. Mesh shelf panel
18. Drum support
19. Back stop rails
20. Anti-collapse mesh guarding
21. Raised pallet support bar
22. Load safety notice
23. Aisle identification plate

Structural Pallet Rack has three components of prime importance:
The Upright Columns: Loads placed on the beams are transferred through  the connector to the upright posts.  The total weight within the rack is ultimately carried by the  uprights. 
Structural applications are superior where abuse might be anticipated.
The Connector: Joins the beam to the upright to form the storage rack.  A well designed connector  is  critical because  load-carrying  capacity  of a  rack  is dependent upon safe
 transfer of the load from the beams to the upright. The type of connector you choose should be done carefully.
The Beams: There are basically two types of beams available: Structural and Step. Structural are most used when heavy  load  carrying  capacity  or abuse resistance is needed.
Structural beams provide the highest load  bearing capacity available. Step beams provide selectivity in conjunction with steel or wood decking.
| Long Span Shelving |
Shelving is generally made from standard modular components that allow installations of different heights,  vertical  shelf  spacing  and  shelf  depths. The typical  standard  span
width is 1 meter, but long span shelving is also available that facilitates the holding of longer items of stock.  Sub dividers can  be used  to provide even  smaller  locations  where
this is appropriate for the inventory being held.

Shelving can be accessed in various ways - from ground-floor level, from mezzanine levels or from  fixed-path or free-path  lifting equipment such as narrowaisle  picking trucks
and picking cranes.
This is suitable for light and medium duty work. Mostly used as  shelving,  adjustable  units  can  be  assembled rapidly and adapted to change and expansion.  Each shelf can be
adjusted independently; used efficiently; this allows the storage space to be used to the full.  Most  adjustable shelving can be altered without tools.
| Mezzanine Racking |
A Mezzanine floor is essentially a raised platform that is supported by steel columns and is totally independent of the host building. It allows you to create additional floor space 
from wasted air space above existing work and storage areas and can be used to create storage.

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