Gondolas are designed to look attractive for years. All components are made of scratch-resistant epoxy powder-coated mild steel. The standard  color  is Ash white, although a full
     range of color coatings is available  to suit the specific color scheme of any store.  
     Single or double-ended, free-standing gondolas support a full range of clip-on accessories to suit the display requirements  of  any  product. Accessories  include  steel  and  glass
     shelving, brackets, utility bars, wire baskets and wire fronts, glass binning, wall bands, pegboard panels and various hooks.
     Modular steel infill panels are used with this system.
     Gondola point of sale display system  provides an attractive  and  practical way to  display  the  widest  possible  range  of  merchandise  in  supermarkets,  pharmacies,  hardware
     stores, greengrocers, bottle stores or other retail outlets. 
     The system is fully flexible for optimum use of display space; gondolas are fully adjustable,  consisting of modular components which simply clip together,  without nuts or bolts, in a
     matter of minutes.

    Gondolas’ shelving comes in sizes of 6 inches to 9 inches depth and shelf tops are formed by combining the right measurement of the individual shelves. Meaning, if you  needed  a
    18 inches deep shelf top, you can either use two 9 inches deep shelves or three 6 inches deep to achieve a  shelving  space  of  18 inches depth. With such a system it is possible
    for any future expansion or down-sizing.  
    Below shows the wide range of set-ups and accessories for all kinds of product display needs.
  Flexibility in re-sizing display needs is not a problem. Another plus for the
Supermarket Shelving System is that it allows corner shelving as well. This allows every
  inch of space to be utilized even in the non-refrigerated fruits & vegetables unit.  



In our shelving the vertical posts are also interlinked via iron mesh to form the gondola unit, while the posts are also mounted on wall when performing wall 2 wall shelving.
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